The Source • Summer 2009 • Issue 106

BCAction Joins Coalition to Challenge BRCA Gene Patents

By BCAction editorial staff with Selene Kaye of the ACLU On May 12, Breast Cancer Action joined other women’s health groups, individual women, researchers, genetic counselors, and scientific organizations representing more than 150,000 geneticists, pathologists and laboratory professionals in challenging the legality of gene patents.… Read More

The Good and the Bad: Changes at the FDA and in the Biotech Industry

by Barbara A. Brenner Those of us who work for change know that change is never easy. Changes we push for don’t always work out as we would hope, and we have to be prepared to deal with changes that we would rather not experience.… Read More

First, Do No Harm: California’s Green Chemistry Initiative

by Cristina Carrasquillo We are exposed to harmful chemicals daily, oftentimes oblivious to how we come in contact with them and the damage they do to our health. To protect the public from the hazardous health effects caused by exposure to some synthetic chemicals, California… Read More