Breast Cancer Screening and Detection

BCAction believes that all women should have information about the risks and benefits of breast cancer screening technologies in order to make their own decision about breast cancer screening. You’ll find information about mammography, its risks and benefits, and other screening methods in this section.

Read BCAction’s Mammography Fact Sheet
Read BCAction’s Policy on Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection

Once you’re fully informed about the pros and cons of each breast cancer screening method, you should make your own decision in consultation with your doctor about whether or not to make use of the tool. Read the Executive Summary of our Policy on Breast Cancer Screening and “Early Detection” for more information.

Confused? Need to talk with someone? Ask Zoё Christopher, our resource liaison, at or call her toll-free at 877/2-STOP-BC.

BCAction is committed to advocating for the development of more effective, affordable, low-risk breast cancer screening methods for — and readily accessible to — women of all ages. We believe that the care a woman receives should not be based on the type of insurance or financial resources that she has or does not have access to. BCAction believes all women should have access to the same choices about breast cancer screening.