Before You Walk for Breast Cancer

By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

Even though it’s been raining here in California—or snowing where you are—across the country people are beginning to register for breast cancer walks or runs in anticipation of sunnier days. Every spring, breast cancer industry giants like Komen kick off their annual fundraising walks and runs
Komen says they’re making changes this year, but the truth is they’re just painting a new color over their worn out pink. Komen’s two iconic marketing tools, the pink ribbon and Race for the Cure®, are getting a makeover. The event will now be called the “More than Pink Walk” and instead of pink shirts, participants can choose from a rainbow of colors! 
The color pink itself was never the problem. Komen’s new rainbow of color solves nothing if their walk expenses exceed their program spending, if they continue to promote misleading statistics that falsely reassure people, and if they continue to include simple narratives that exclude anyone who isn’t a cheerful “survivor. These events have long been multi-million dollar marketing bonanzas that too often benefit corporate reputations more than women living with and dying from breast cancer.
As part of our Think Before You Pink® campaign, we created a set of questions to help you decide whether your participation in or donation to a breast cancer walk will have the impact you want:
  1. How much of the money raised from the walk will go to breast cancer programs?
  2. What breast cancer programs or research will the walk fund?
  3. Do the walk’s sponsors increase women’s risk of breast cancer?
  4. Does the walk present a one-sided picture of breast cancer that leaves some women out?
Learn more about why it’s important to ask these questions and read about alternatives to breast cancer walks. Print and share our questions to help spread the word!
Want to make sure money raised for breast cancer goes to meaningful change?  Ask your friends and family to donate to your “Don’t Pink For Me” fundraising page. Spread the word about Breast Cancer Action’s work to address and end the breast cancer epidemic and help fund our people-powered activism.
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6 Responses to Before You Walk for Breast Cancer

  • Lisa says:

    Thank you Ms. Jaggar to you and your team! I experienced breast cancer at the age of 38 with three small children* (thankfully that was nearly 20 years ago now) and at the time had no idea about America’s food supply, the chemicals we put on and in our bodies, etc…

    You are a fantastic resource for the truth and we’ll be launching a website soon ( where we explore, engage and enlighten and would love to include some of your blog’s and the fantastic work you share.

    Yours in “think before you’re pink.”

    Be well,
    Lisa with Lipstick Warriors

    *ask my kid’s what I think about “pink washing” 😉

    • Kira Jones says:

      Thanks, Lisa. We appreciate you taking the time to share your story, and we’re glad to hear you find the resources and information we provide useful. You can email our team at with the questions you have about linking to our content.

  • Helene says:

    I feel that Komen does not give enough back to the cause. They do not have any focus on metastatic breast cancer. I do not support any of their programs.

  • Dr Patryce says:

    Thank you for all the information for promoting health and better ways of healing ourselves and our environment. Calling out those that are the greedy folks that profit off other’s ill health is paramount to all of us.
    Thank you..

  • I’ve always found it infuriating that breast cancer bake sales and the like would be peddling conventional products and refined sweeteners in the name of fighting cancer. The irony is stark, sad and shocking.

  • John Jonik says:

    Komen does no informing about industrial carcinogens or how to avoid them. “Prevention” is not in their vocabulary.

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