Milking Cancer

Take action to get cancer-linked rBGH out of our food supply

Across the United States, we’re exposed to the artificial growth hormone rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) in many common dairy products. rBGH has been linked to increased risk of breast cancer, obesity, and diabetes, and it’s used in 1/3 of all dairy cows in the United States. 

Breast Cancer Action wants this hormone out of our food supply completely.

Eli Lilly is the only company in the world making and distributing rBGH. In recent years, you’ve helped us achieve success in getting brands like Yoplait yogurt to stop using milk sourced from rBGH-treated cows. But rBGH is still on the market. Some people may be able to avoid rBGH by buying organic dairy products, but we need system-wide change to protect everyone.

In addition to producing and selling breast cancer-linked rBGH, Eli Lilly manufactures Evista to “prevent” breast cancer, and Gemzar to treat it. That’s a highly lucrative profit cycle around breast cancer, all from a company that proudly declares core corporate values of “integrity, excellence, and respect for people.” At Breast Cancer Action, we call this pinkwashing because by manufacturing rBGH, Eli Lilly clearly puts profits before women’s health.

We need your help – tell Eli Lilly to stop Milking Cancer. Send BCAction’s Pledge to Prevent Pinkwashing to Lilly’s CEO today.

Keep the pressure on Eli Lilly. Join the thousands of BCAction activists who have already committed to stop Eli Lilly from Milking Cancer. rBGH puts our health at risk and we need your help to get it out of our food supply.

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