We’ve made some big changes

By Peggy Huston, Chair, BCAction Board of Directors

Our world has greatly shifted this year. When we look back on the time span of June 2019 – June 2020 we will reflect on two historic changes – how the nation grappled with life under COVID-19, and how we stepped more fully into the work of racial justice.

Breast Cancer Action’s 2019 – 2020 Annual Report shows just how our organization demonstrated adaptability and resilience through this time, and recommitted to our lasting mission of taking on the breast cancer crisis through a social justice lens.

June 2020 may seem like a lifetime ago. Since then, we’ve undergone the most highly-anticipated election in recent history, and we continue to face a non-stop rapid response news cycle.

For Breast Cancer Action, we’ve also celebrated huge accomplishments since June of this year. We held our wildly successful 30th Anniversary event in October, the first virtual event of its kind for BCAction. We also led our first-ever four-target Think Before You Pink® campaign, taking on not just the lack of leadership of the Trump Administration in addressing breast cancer, but also directly demanding changes from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Cancer Institute (NCI), and Department of Justice (DOJ). 
Given our success in navigating the changes and challenges of the last year, we believe this year’s annual report may serve as a guide for future years. The report shows how BCAction has emerged stronger and more nimble, and how our unique brand of truth-telling continues to be necessary in addressing breast cancer.        
This work is powerful, and it is lasting. And we will not stop until our lives and communities are no longer threatened by this devastating disease.
We invite you to read through the work that you helped make possible through your support and involvement.

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